About Us

The Durham and Elvet Avenue Tenant Management Organisation was formed in 2006 after residents voted for a tenant management group because it was strongly felt that the services provided by the London Borough of Havering were not satisfactory. It was formed primarily to help improve the lives of residents by offering services like day to day repairs and maintenance on behalf of the London Borough of Havering. DELTA TMO is committed to working for the people of Elvet and Durham Avenues in order to provide excellent services and improve the quality of life for the residents through tenant management and community empowerment.

Durham Avenue
Durham Avenue

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing the best service possible for our residents.
  • Ensuring we continue to communicate, consult and involve all members of the community in the TMO and local decision making.
  • Improving the estate for our residents.
  • Undertaking projects and initiatives which will benefit local people.
  • Working with other groups and the London Borough of Havering to improve a wide range of services for residents.
  • To fully utilise available funds for the benefit of tenants and residents.
  • To operate an open door policy to the estate management team.
  • To carry out our duties in a polite and courteous manner.
  • To ensure that vulnerable residents are catered for, when possible.